First, congratulation to Google Deepmind!!!! I watched the live of the first two games.

I wrote a post about AlphaGo days ago, it has been a commonsense that the information from the nature paper definitely can’t explain the great performance of AlphaGo. From the result of the first two games, I think there may be some more techniques they use. I’m expecting another nature publication.

Before the game, I guessed the final score would be 1:4, however AlphaGo has won the first two games, it seems possible to appear 5:0. But Lee Sedol did make some bad moves, so it’s still unknown what will happen next three matches.

Whatever, what’s important is that AlphaGo is implemented in torch (from the grapevine, but seems quite likely). Deepmind always use torch, and also has released some code.

This post, I hope could be something similar a cheatsheet.

Find a fabulous page…….. Awesome Torch

There are some intersections, but my following list contains some which this page doesn’t has.

Some tools: